Beverly Hills Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a popular procedure. As the teeth get older, they often become discolored simply due to aging, as well as from long exposure to certain habits like tobacco, coffee, red wine, colas, or tea. It is thought by some that whiter teeth are associated with a more youthful appearance. Therefore, tooth whitening has become a leading procedure in helping people to look younger and more attractive.

Tooth Whitening

Before & After Tooth Whitening

Some people are happy with the color of their teeth when they brush twice daily, floss daily and have periodic professional cleaning. Others prefer using an in-home bleaching technique, or whitening toothpaste. When someone wants an even brighter smile, with much less time invested, in-office tooth whitening is the way to go.

Along with most aspects of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi performs in-office tooth whitening in his Beverly Hills practice. Dr. Maddahi uses the Zoom2! whitening system, which lightens the discoloration of both enamel and dentin. Dentin is bone or calcified tissue surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth, which can also become stained. These deeper stains require professional whitening.

Dr. Maddahi uses a protective gel or rubber shield to protect the gums and oral soft tissues during the procedure. He then applies the bleaching agent to the teeth and shines a special light on it, which amplifies the action of the agent. Patients are also given an additional product to use at home to increase the longevity of the newly attained whiteness. The procedure takes less than two hours from start to finish.

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